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Top 10 reasons–Why Van Life is The Best Way to Travel in 2022

When we were kids, I am sure, every one of us once imagined our homes to be on wheels; we could take it wherever we want to go. Isn’t it crazy to know that you in fact can travel with your home? The idea inspires us to go on an ultimate never-ending trip. This is the reason why van life is the best way to travel the world. From going to great beaches, beautiful off-beat places to all those places which we haven’t explored yet.

It is as if you are no more worried to go back home at the end of the day. You are never far from your home. The great thing is now you would not need to pay for your flight tickets and hotel room accommodations. You can cook your food and can stay healthy but, an evening beer is a must.

You can do all these things by traveling solo, but it will be more exciting if you have a companion like an annoying best friend- your wife or husband or maybe just a friend. Furthermore, you can also explore the planet with your family or pet, or both. My dream is to travel with my loving wife and our huskies. Anyways, it all depends on your van or, as many out there call it, campers or RV or trailers.

It has incredibly become trendy to commence life on wheels. Many of the travel bloggers with a decent to giant fan following are seen adopting this lifestyle. They not only tell of, how convenient their journey is but also portray a more thrilling way of living life. However, there are always some bumps on the so tempting-looking path we want to follow. The challenges surely can break the zeal with which we began looking forward towards the van-life, but I promise, if you have a little more courage, this may turn out to be one of the best decisions you can take for yourself, your family, and even for the planet.

That being said, here are 10 great reasons why van-life is what you need to travel the globe!

1. Van Life Offers Freedom for Life

For many of us, freedom is the ultimate goal of life. It’s a feeling that we have been looking for in every spectrum of our life. Choosing van life allows experiencing the same primarily apart from any other benefit. These on-road tiny homes can give you the freedom to roam, sleep & eat at your content. Owning a mobile nest opens up the endless opportunities , it allows you to live an unrestricted crazy lifestyle. This is why van life is the best way to travel the world.

Practically you can travel anywhere on this planet, provided that the place you want to go to has roads. Imagine a life where you spend few nights near a bank of a beautiful river starring at the stars, while the others in a completely different setting. You can spend as much time as you want at a place and then again have the freedom to move and locate somewhere totally new, and you’ll be free to roam as far as your fuel tank will take you.

2. Best views on the planet

Living under a movable roof is not a luxurious feeling, but it’s worth more than that. A hotel room which you rent for the vacation stay costs a fortune, all in name of allowing you to be one with nature and enjoy the scenic beauty. Whereas, owning a van and moving around means that you are enjoying all these scenarios and natural views now and then. It’s part of the lifestyle. You do not have to be on a vacation to be one with nature. It gives you a breathtaking feeling to see the naked views of mountains, sunsets, waterfalls, birds flying over the sea. Many of such kinds of sceneries while traveling on road or having lunch in your nest which is why van life is the best way to travel.

3. It will make you stronger

It is certainly not for the fainthearted ones to enjoy living the mobile lifestyle. Even though Instagram portrays van life as glamorous, stylish, attractive, the actuality is that it could be uncomfortable as well as unpleasant. There are certainly loads and loads of challenges, ranging from breaking down in the middle of the night or finding where to shower every day. It asks much of you to figure out these hurdles.

However, the silver lining? You’ll be driven outside your convenience area. Just like, wise out. Growth comes only from the challenges of life, isn’t it? But you come out to be not only more resourceful and flexible but also humble and strong by sacrificing comfort and familiarity of the home and embracing motor home life. In addition, you’ll get to know the automotive mechanics, minimalism, nature, and more real-life experience. All in all, enhancing your life skills, knowledge, and experience.

4. It will inspire you to explore yourself and the world.

Life in Van inspires you to detach yourself from the vast world of norms, societal boundaries, famous gossip, and social networks and rather mirror your own life, goals, and values. You will find solace in the beauty of nature, meditation, and connection with people you meet on the route without other sources of distraction. You are going to experience more of the world (as much as you can drive, anyway) than you ever imagined possible. This movable home will make you experience the power of decision-making as well as the freedom to implement that without any if’s or but’s. Life style like this is only imaginable by many and gained by really few ones, and that person can be you! The one in charge.

Moreover, the world is more than what we see on our digital screens. When you choose to move with your house you in your pace and the personal zone will explore the various destinations you halt at. Apart from the natural places, you also get to meet people residing there for ages and talk to them, gaining knowledge that no online blogger can provide.

You may be enjoying a big modern city one day and gazing at the unmatched beauty of a National Park the next day. It’s up to you to create your own experience!

5. Economical way to travel

It can be costly to travel—but it doesn’t have to. Living nomadic life is a great way to substantially reduce your monthly living costs and this make one of the major reasons why Van Life is the best way to travel. Many travelers are heading for the lifestyles of on-road homes as they seek an economical and budgetary way of seeing the world. Even as real estate prices continue to increase from year to year, mobile homes cost remains unchanged. Furthermore, van life tends to attract those who prefer experiences over static personal spaces. Your biggest costs while living in a vehicle are probably your new nest on-road (vehicle & living space), fuel, and sometimes mechanical journeys.. (Now, say no to rent!)

6. Minimalistic living

Let’s understand the concept of minimalistic living in two different manners. Today, Psychology suggests that minimalism and aesthetic lifestyle is a good thing for your well-being and that if anything drives you to live simply, is starting a van life. Too many things can influence your concentration and cause anxiety. Minimalism is a practical solution and life on wheels enables you to live minimally. There are just so many things in a caravan that can fit. Hence, this will encourage you to possess less and acknowledge what you have. Moreover, selling your old accessories, equipment, furniture, and clothes can provide the money you need on the road if you look for ways to fund your new lifestyle. It is a true art to live a minimalist aesthetic lifestyle.

7. It’s Eco-friendly

It can be a great way to minimize your ecological consequences one of the coolest aspects of van life. Given the distance, the quantity of propane used for water and heat and the minimal use of energy, many on the road can cut carbon footprint nearly by half, normally far below the national average. And while many of these outdated vans are gas jets, the idea is that you compensate for fuel consumption with much less electricity. Not to mention, your water usage falls dramatically when you live on the road with a limited water tank. 

Many dwellers are fully equipped with solar panels as well, which permit them to completely disengage from their grid power while using only solar energy for their electronics. Finally, mostly all van dwellers have agreed that the amount of garbage that they produce is significantly lower than what they use to produce. This proves that it is inevitable to be careless about usage, you start valuing resources don’t waste, recycle and reuse limiting your consumption and creating an impact on the environment and the society.

8. Contact-less traveling

It has been quite enough time that we have realized that even if humans are designed to be social animals, they better not socialize in the present time. The Epidemic of CO-VID has sent out a lesson clear enough that no disease or the effects of it should be taken lightly. If it requires to maintain distance we must, however, it becomes difficult if you are constantly surrounded by neighbors, friends, or colleagues who ignore taking necessary precautions. Your movable home will also serve as the secure solitude box that you can take away from people as well as a place that isn’t safe for you anymore. You moving around will require absolutely no third-person involvement, as you would be traveling privately along with your belongings. The reason, why van life is the best way to travel the world.

9. Great opportunity to start a new career

As per a study in Forbes, 72% of the present generation want to be innovative, imaginative, and artistic in their careers and to be their bosses. It’s great to work with your laptop at the beachside while having coconut water. Just imagine this tomorrow you have a client meeting at 6 am, you wake up at 5, step out of the camper set beside a waterfall with your dog and playing, suddenly you hear a voice from your lovely wife reminding you of your meeting. On one side you start your virtual meeting and on the other side, there is the sun coming up. Sounds like a dream?

The whole point is that life on wheels inspires you to opt for your career wisely enough to get a job or start a virtual business or do freelancing stuff that matches your living. While living in the van might not be suitable for office people, but it is an excellent place for creative people and will enable them to work from wherever they want.

10. Ultimately it improves bonding with loved ones.

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Traveling like this with your family or in a couple, you can learn so much about each other and your selves, nurturing lifelong bonds as a family and friends. With two or four people and with pets around, sharing just a few square feet of space, you can be there for each other is a “big drama”, but you always embraced the challenge of practicing patience and tolerance with one another and are now undoubtedly as close as any family could be.


Considering the above views, living in a motor home is a great idea to save some money if you compare it with regular homes. In addition to it, this is also the best way to explore the planet with full freedom but one thing to keep in mind is that life on wheels is not that sparkly idea that you just live with a huge smile, every day. It takes courage, patience, and some minimalist living skills to make some non-luxurious adjustments. But against all this, you will live your life at the peak, you get to enjoy every corner of your life and much more. During this pandemic year and even for the future, traveling with a home is a blessing.


I am a travel enthusiast, blogger, entrepreneur, Brand Designer, and much more. Van life fascinates me to know that people love to explore the world with their tiny mobile homes. I want to build one soon. In my journey to build a motorhome for me & my wife, I want to share all the related knowledge and the best resources to grab for smooth van life. Happy to have you onboard.!

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