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Tiny House Bus Conversion – Skoolie Home – Make Your Travel Dream A Reality

It is very simple to fantasize about the end result. But in reality, It takes tremendous efforts to live in a Skoolie home converted project. You must be prepared to work for months on end.   There are restorations, welding, insulation, woodwork, wiring, plumbing, painting, and so on, all of which must be addressed before you start your ride in your bus. If you’re new to the process of converting a camper, there’s no shame in asking for some assistance from a conversion firm. Look for an expert if you’re looking for a tiny house bus conversion.

A school bus requires more maintenance and work to turn it into a beautiful compares to a newer, smaller vehicle like a sprinter van. An expert company would be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of a Skoolie home and could accomplish the change successfully.

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Why Choose A School Bus for tiny house bus conversion?

Many alternatives are available to you when you decide to move from your regular home or apartment to a mobile home. A drivable RV, with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, is usually the first thing that comes to mind if you’re new to the idea of nomadism. Well, quick and easy doesn’t necessarily equate to perfection in every situation. Having said that, the tiny house bus conversion project is a dream project for many nomadic travelers. 

Small RVs like camper or van are not generally meant for full-time travel, but they’re great for part-time travelers. But it has its own pros when it comes to enjoying campsites and parks or even cities that you can do it smoothly. 

let’s have a look at some of the advantages of owning a school bus camper before we get into the details.

- It is Spacious

In comparison to many other campervans, a school bus camper provides more space. This makes them the ideal choice for those who want to live on the road but yet want to be able to spread out, have some privacy, and have all of the conveniences of home. A school bus is spacious enough to provide separate rooms for the restroom, bedroom, and living room. This wider open layout provides the impression of being in a house rather than a bus. Tiny house bus conversion can be more successful if you live minimalist. 

- Customize your living space.

Built-in RV amenities may make the switch to nomadic life easier for you, but they aren’t necessarily compatible with your home’s needs or tastes. Your home’s layout, furniture, and amenities are completely customizable when you have a bus home instead of a camper. Need a place to work from home? It’s no issue at all. A foodie in need of extra kitchen space to perfect your dishes? It is possible to design a tiny house bus conversion to suit your specific needs. As a bonus, it’ll feel more like home than a transient camping vehicle.

- Aesthetic

It is true that you may get huge RVs, but they are typically unsightly in appearance. A classic school bus camper, on the other hand, is adorable. A skoolie home is thrilling and enjoyable, and it will always look great in your holiday snaps!

- Works For Large Groups

Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, a converted school bus is a great option. When you’re aboard a school bus, you’re able to ride together without bumping into each other. As long as everyone has room to sleep, there is adequate room inside for everyone to be carried in safety.

- Full-Time Home

As fun as it is to travel in a school bus camper, they also become excellent full-time homes once it is parked.  It acts as a perfect tiny home that you’ll have the room to save for an actual house property without the commitment of rent and other large expenses. For those who live in houses, those are days when they stay at home and watch TV. The right arrangement of your Skoolie home will allow you to have the same sense while traveling. 

- Buses are safer and more durable than RVs.

Small campers, as we’ve already said, are meant to be used for only a few months of the year, at most. They’re also not meant to go for as long or as regularly as a bus would be able to do. Due to this, vans are less safe for drivers and passengers, as well as deteriorating more quickly after extended usage, as a result. Instead of a small vehicle, a bus is intended to protect many people in the case of an accident. Aside from that, they’re designed to be driven continuously for long distances at once. This implies that a bus will withstand everyday travel in a variety of terrain and weather conditions better than any other RV, making it the safest alternative for your family’s home.

- Buses are cheaper.

As a matter of fact, you could buy a modest RV equipped with all the other basic amenities that you need for less money than it would cost to buy a bus and invest in a tiny house bus conversion. However, when you take into account what you end up receiving for the money—and the fact that you’ll be living in this vehicle full-time—a tiny house bus conversion is the most cost-effective alternative. If you’d like an RV with almost the same amount of room, storage, durability, and safety as a bus, the vehicle alone will set you back for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That doesn’t include the cost of everything you’ll need to make it appropriate for a full-time living (linens, kitchenware, etc.) or any changes you’ll make. In comparison, a secondhand school bus may be purchased for less than $10,000. Furthermore, a skoolie home may be modified with amenities that do not require continual electricity, such as a solar system or composting toilet, removing the need to pay to stay at a campsite daily to charge your utilities.

- Make Skoolie home Rental.

It doesn’t have to be time to say goodbye to your school bus camper after you’ve gotten your mark on the house property. In addition to providing you with extra cash, Skoolies are excellent rental properties.

living full time in a Skoolie.

living full time in a Skoolie.

Look at some examples of how a skoolie home can provide the perfect layout same as a home.

- Living Space

Living Space

The living space in any home or motorhome is very important to have. It makes you feel more homely and give you more space to enjoy your living. The above picture is showing the amazing living space includes L shaped couch with underneath storage capacity and facing a foldable dining table with two well-matched designed chairs which are well organized by the owners. More or less you will find the same kind of layout in almost every skoolie but each has unique beauty and functionality from converting a double bed to a comfortable couch. 

In the photo, you can see a dining table which you may prefer fixed or foldable. Many times, skoolie owners have that extra space to make it a double side facing couch for more sitting area along with foldable dining cum workspace table. Eather the way, to convert a school bus as per your needs is more important than just following any trend. 

What do you think is missing in a living space? Comment below.

- Kitchen area

Kitchen area

The kitchen represents the soul of any house. For the skoolie or any other RV, it is more crucial to have a perfectly functional kitchen area without any disturbance. It should at least have a proper space for preparations, a cooking range, and a sink. If you are planning to convert a school bus, a few more facilities may add up as per your needs such as a microwave, an oven, a refrigerator (under the top or a fully residential one), maybe a dishwasher(need to check its electrical consumption), and a lot of storage facility. Remember, whatever you are cooking should be tasty!

Need some must-have ideas from you. You can write with the help of a comment. 

- Work Space

Work Space

A separate workspace table is only possible in a school bus living and to plan for it without compromising much of a thing, is a skill. In the picture as you can see that whole long table is for work. If you are living with a family then you may need to build this space into a multifunctional area. 

Mention some of your idea in the comment below to help others who are looking forward to converting a school bus.

- Bathroom


A fully functional bathroom in an RV is a blessing to have. But it is very difficult to incorporate it in small campers. A Skoolie on the other hand provides you enough space to design the way you want it to be. If you want a double sink with a shower and a toilet, you can have it in a skoolie with amazing tile work. Again ventilation is a must for obvious reasons. Now, building a good storage area inside or outside the bathroom is a skill to display. 

How do you do it? Comment below.

- Bedroom


The bedroom is the coziest place in any RV. Spacially, if you are living in a Skoolie. If you look at the photo, you can see how cozy a room it is to spend some time alone or with your partner. You have a good amount of storage under the bed and also on the wall for quick access. You can also adjust your layout by installing a shelf near your bath space for more storage. Proper ventilation is a key to any cozy room. If you don’t want to build a wall on one side of your bed, you can keep it as it is for more ventilation from the windows from both sides. The bedroom layout is a very personal thing to consider and that’s why it is the most loved space for any vanlifers.  

How your bedroom should look like in a skoolie? Any comment? 

- The Garage

The Garage

If you want it you can build it provided how much space is left after implementing all the layout requirements. In this space, you can store anything you want from your repair equipment to camping gear, from a foldable slide-out kitchen platform to a portable dining table for outdoor dining and the list goes on. The picture tells a complete story. 

What do you have on your mind to have it on board? Make a comment. 

Final Words

If you are dreaming to live a nomadic lifestyle but with all the amenities of home then tiny house bus conversion is incomparable. Thinking of considering life in a skoolie home, read our article on Skoolie Life – What To Consider Before you start Living in a Bus? In this article, you can also find three tiny house bus conversions which help you to design one. 


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