Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

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Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns, Suitable Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency Light for Storm, Outages, Outdoor Portable Lanterns, Black, Collapsible, (Batteries Included)

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  • Bright & Lasting: Equipped with 30 crazy bright LEDs, this compact lantern cuts through 360 degrees of darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. Easily lights up the entire tent or room.
  • Compact & Lightweight: Collapsible design that reduces or increases the light as you collapse or expand the lantern. When collapsed it’s as small as your phone. Easily fits in your backpack or emergency kit.
  • Waterproof: Constructed with aircraft-grade materials: your lantern is able to survive a 10-foot drop and be temporarily submerged underwater.
  • Original Patented Version: We hand-craft each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Do not equip yourself with inferior lanterns.
  • Lifetime Warranty: You can rest in knowing that this camping lantern is of the utmost quality. Warranted for life, it is covered against loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product. CE/ RoHS/ EMC certified.

10 reviews for Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

  1. Suzanne E.

    It gives off a very bright light and it does collapse nicely. My only beef about it is that it doesn’t turn off when you collapse it. You have to unscrew the top part and store the batteries in there so as not to drain them before you need it. The problem with this is that it means that you have to not only locate it, but unscrew the top, retrieve the batteries, put the top back on, unscrew the bottom, and insert batteries in the right way, all in the dark and then put the bottom back on. Since it is water-resistant, the threads of the top and bottom are not easy to get right on the first go. I was under the impression that it would turn off when you collapsed it, which would be ideal, but no.Update: I contacted the seller about this issue after having reread that it should be turning off when closed. With a very quick response, I was told it was defective and I could exchange it. I decided to try once more before going through that hassle. I ended up smacking it a few times with my hand and I heard a sound that was like a spring springing into place. It worked just fine after that. I guess something was just a bit out of place.

  2. avid reader.

    We were in the North Carolina area, where hurricane ‘Florence’ went through.These lanterns worked so well that we will probably ordering more.. We have (2) grand-daughters in college who can make use of this type of emergency equipment. Our son and daughter and their families also live in North Carolina and they will be useful for them in storms. Our son and his wife are campers and they can use these for lighting. The lighting the lanterns give off can light up a whole room and area where it is needed.Also, have a son in Maryland and will get him a set in case of emergency.

  3. MarCon

    Arrived on time double boxed for safety. Save smaller box to store lanterns.So easy to activate and the light is very bright.I can’t comment on battery life until I have to use.Perfect for my small apt during a power failure.I will say I don’t think the lanterns are sturdy enough for heavy use, such as camping, but in the safety of your home PERFECT!I recommend.

  4. David A. Baer

    This isn’t about us, but we live in Colombia and Connecticut. Both locations suffer occasional weather-related electricity outages.It’s one thing to follow the ‘flashlight-in-every-room’ rule for quick response when the lights go out. It’s another thing altogether to have a short- to medium-term solution for the need for sustained lighting.This product, as noted by other reviews, is bright. Very bright.But what we love even more is how the cylinder collapses on itself to create an easily transportable (think suitcases heading south or north, depending up on the time of year) occasional light source that’s not going to break in transit. It’s almost too good to be true.You wouldn’t want to live under this kind of hard white light all the time. But then your electricity doesn’t go out all the time, either, so the risk is purely hypothetical.Halfway into reading that riveting novel and the lights just went out? No worries. Fire the lanterns!

  5. Michelle

    No matter where you live, everyone needs a reliable light in an emergency, camping, or a black out. This is a great solution. It is VERY bright, and can easily light up an entire room. It pulls open for light, and pushes close to turn it off. So easy to use, and the body of it is nicely constructed. The metal handles also fold down, and it stores easily in a draw next to a bed. It is not heavy, and a young child would have no problem using it. The LED brightness is very bright, and it does not get hot to the touch. With the set of 4, everyone in the house can now have a reliable light to access when needed.

  6. Frequency Jones

    Uh, this thing is bright. Like crazy super bright. Once you pop the sucker open it’s like staring into the sun in the middle of night. They aren’t fooling around when they say this is a bright lantern. The only complaint that I have about it is that when you open it, that’s the one setting you get. Bright as the sun or complete darkness. There’s no in-between. You can close it a little to dampen the brightness a little but it’s really meant to light up the world, not just your campsite. I’ve had mine for a year+ and still have yet to change out the batteries. I go camping often during the summer and this is a terrific lantern I bring along to light up my site. And everyone else’s site within 10 miles. Seriously this is a bright lantern. It’s awesome. I plan on using it again. Just as soon as my eyesight comes back from the last time I used it…

  7. davzway

    Note (May 2108): FIRST BOUGHT VONT LANTERN NEARLY THREE YEARS AGO (paid more $$) and despite seeing the many ‘copies’ of the VONT Lantern, this week RECEIVED THIS 4-PACK from Amazon (real deal, giving couple to friends), ONE IN LIVING ROOM, ONE IN MASTER BEDROOM, ANOTHER in NEW SUV, VONT IS LITERALLY THE LIGHT USED MOST WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND STAY OUT (Living in National Forrest, every time there’s a storm, blowing a tree limb or entire tree on power lines, it’s nothing for power to go out for 8-12 hours and more). IN 2017, Hurricane Irma, power was out here for NINE DAYS. Back in 2005, almost 3-WEEKS before power was restored in our remote area (it’s 38 miles to Wal-Mart OR any major store, also 15-miles to gas station, should have idea). FYI– Cabin has three different types of Lantern, including VONT, plus more than FIFTEEN Flashlights ( three Dorce >2″ x 7″ size, six of Dorce 1″x3″ pocket size (real bright for size), ASP baton flashlight combo (takes N cell pain and $$$), ONE T6 Aluminum CREE 3000 Lumen waterproof cost 3x MORE using three #18650 rechargeable battery only light that is brighter than the VONT.ORIGINAL REVIEW:PRO: COMPACT SIZE, BRIGHT LIGHT, and repeating what everyone’s saying, CRAZY BRIGHT LIGHT( you will see spots if looking directly at light when turning on) … EASY TO USE = TURN ON you PULL HANDLES (or top) UP and to TURN OFF = PUSH DOWN TOP UNTIL STOPS/CLOSED (no light). WIRE HANDLE can be Up or Down, when UP, the Double Wire Handle makes the Lantern EASY TO CARRY OR TO HANG,LANTERN USES the LED CREE type bulbs which are sturdy with incredible LIFE expectancy (many 1000’s hours, no bulb to break or change). CREE LED give off no real heat compared to iridescent type bulbs, VONT Lantern is STURDY n SAFE even when used by Children (real important if camping with family, avoiding ANY chance of FIRE, at least from this Lantern), CAN SPEAK FROM OWNING VONT FOR NEARLY THREE YEARS, UNIT DOES TURN OFF WHEN DOWN AND USING Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable battery, it had been more than 6-9 months since the lantern was charged, then ALONG COMES Hurricane Irma, was still able read for FIVE HOURS with no dimming of light. Second or third night, installed another set of batteries.WHEN DOWN, THIS LANTERN IS VERY COMPACT, EASY TO STORE OUT OF THE WAY ON SHELVE UNTIL NEEDED. BUYING IN A 4-PACK IS FANTASTIC VALUE, NOT JUST A GREAT VALUE, IT IS QUALITY BUILT, THIS REVIEWER GAVE VONT THE 5th-STAR FOR IT’S INITIAL RATING ( REVIEWER’S NORMAL PRACTICE IS HOLD BACK AT LEAST 1-STAR UNTIL A PRODUCT’S LONG TERM LONGEVITY CAN BE DETERMINED. VONT IS A SOLID 5-STAR, GIVING BUYER A REALLY GOOD LOOKING HIGH QUALITY LANTERN THAT IS A FANTASTIC DEAL FOR $$$$$ WHEN YOU BUY THIS FOUR PACK. (IN 2018, BUYING MORE, giving a couple away to friend for birthday, adding couple for spares (needed TODAY for two hours or so after storm hit, living in National Forrest, doesn’t take hurricane to blow tree limbs or trees down to take out power line and NO lights.)CON: Well thought deal was just OK some three years back, paying $10 or so, and don’t remember if battery was included,BUY FOUR VONT, FOR THIS PRICE VONT INCLUDES THREE BATTERIES WHICH MANY OF THE ‘Copies’ do not include battery, WITH THREE ‘AA’ BATTERY, VONT 4-PACK ON AMAZON IS A “steal” of a Deal today,,SHOP and Compare on Amazon site, you”ll find many , many, COPIES of VONT light, Look exactly like the Vont, some may be cheaper, however, prices isn’t everything. (cheaper or not, battery or not, VONT IS ORIGINAL & VONT does furnishes with battery as noted in ad. ((( FYI this Reviewer’s Opinion: ANY product which needs a battery and does NOT furnish the battery; you gotta wonder what the company is hiding when customer cannot use or turn on when they receive the product. COMPARING PRICE? Three (3) AA Battery COST MONEY, comparing total cost, ADD price of battery to lantern, Personal FYI. Having so many flashlights, unless rich it is not practical to buy Store Battery; six decades has shown best rechargeable battery is Panasonic Eneloop battery, rechargeable battery keeps 80% of charge after five years, look at battery specs. LONG life using with plenty of light to READ by in TOTAL darknessFYI MAY 2018 UPDATE: Owned now for nearly THREE years – the VONT…… IS …… MY GO TO LANTERN when lights go out (OFTEN in National Forrest, using today in May 2018 when storm winds took out power for more than 2 hours, couple times in day, Hurricane Irma knock trees down, taking out power lines,, using eeloop battery , not unusual for a storm to knock electric out for 13-14hours,, DARK as long as 7 hours, used this lantern to read by and had juice left over (charged batteries next day when power’s back on). HAVE other ‘Lantern’ , brass one LOOKS ‘pretty’ BUT the light is NOT nearly as bright, nor stays lit for half as long as this lantern. UPDATING REVIEW AFTER Buying MORE, TWO for gift, two for added backup (Hurricane Irma had power out here for NINE DAYS was NO fun)

  8. Greatness Outdoors

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     Pro’s:- You get 4 lanterns for the price of 1 name brand expensive lantern- Handy to keep in different locations around the house in case of emergency- Easy operation- no fumbling with buttons in the darkCon’s:- Not for lightweight backpackingThis is a great little set of lights for what you pay for it. For around $20, I was able to get a set of four of these lights. That is a great buy! I have other lanterns that cost more than that for just one lantern. So getting four of these at this price was a super deal.Getting these so cheap made it affordable to put lanterns in multiple different rooms in my house. Now one is always nearby in an emergency no matter what room I’m in. There is no more fumbling around different rooms in the house looking for my lantern. Having four of them makes it really easy to find a lantern in the house when I need one.Their layout makes them really easy to operate in the dark. There is no button to search for in the dark. Just pull up on the body, and BOOM your light slides right out. This is a great feature to have.My only complaint about these is that they are not super lightweight. They are not the light for you if you are trying to do lightweight backpacking. The batteries make them a bit heavy for me to care to pack them in my hiking pack. However, they are not super unmanageable though. You could carry them on a short day hike for sure. I just wouldn’t want to carry them for days on end. They are not intended to be a lightweight backpack though. They are meant to keep handy in the house when you need them, and they serve this purpose well.If you are looking for some great lights at a low price, then these are for you. I highly recommend them to you.** If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by hitting the helpful button below. Thanks!**

  9. Aaron

    I have numerous products that use CREE LED. I see all these flashlights at high end retailers going for 60-70$ and I can’t understand how people buy this stuff when CREE technology is so cheap. This thing is BRIGHT. I have one for backup lighting in power outages in the house. I liked it so much, I bought one for every close relative for an emergency backup light. The ability to collapse the lantern gradually and decrease the light intensity with it is a brilliant function. The bang for buck you get with this item is awesome. I am very pleased with this and so are the relatives I’ve given multiples away to.

  10. April W.

    I bought these to use on food tables for a bonfire and the worked great! They were on high for 5 hours straight. In my photo they were used in combination with plug in lights on the left, but completely by themselves on the right, so you can see they put off a lot of light! They’re very lightweight as well.

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