Quick Set-up Barbeque Grill, Portable Grill and Tabletop BBQ

Starwide go Charcoal Grill in Backyard & Garden, 30s Quick Set-up Barbeque Grill, Portable Grill and Tabletop BBQ Grill for Outdoor Cooking, Cover and A Small Table, BBQ Fan, Tools, Fry Pan Included


★Easy & Quick Setup To Get A Bus Shape Portable Grill: Say goodbye to the complex installation steps! Less time installing the grill means more time enjoying happy hours with friends and family! Just need the 30s without any tools! You can get a fully assembled charcoal grill which is ideal for backyard BBQ parties, picnicking, and camping. Bright colors and special bus shapes always appeal to children. Include the kids by letting them make their own bbq things with the bus bbq grill!

★BBQ Table: Our barbeque grill delivers a unique cooking design including the traditional barbecue and a table! Make sure the 4 legs are securely installed, then turn it over. Your table is done! You can put food, condiment, drinks, tools on it!

★Unique Patented Design Sliding Stainless Steel Cooking Grates: Sliding Grates – Adding charcoal while grilling makes it easy and convenient with the help of the tongs. Moreover, we use durable stainless steel cooking grates which have been approved with a food-grade certificate, creating a healthy grilling experience for you!

★Full Set Of Bbq Tools: 3-Piece stainless steel toolset is already inside our package!You can ignite the bbq charcoal quickly without blowing coal ash everywhere by using our bbq fan. Frypan is prepared for you too. You just need to remove the lower grid, replace it with a frying pan, then you can achieve a double-duty grill and fry. Keep the bbq tools of the trade within easy reach on these 5 S hooks and show off your grilling skills to family and friends with our barbeque grill.

★Drawer-Ash Tray, Collapsible Design, Waterproof Cover: Drawer-Ash Tray makes clean-up easy. No more lifting out greasy grills or tipping over your grill. Just simply pull out the tray and dispose of the ash. Compact storage means it fits into most car trunks, and won’t take up more space in your courtyard garden. The cover is made of waterproof 500D PVC tarpaulin. No worry your bbq grill will be damaged by a bad situation after a long time of use, the cover will keep your portable grill new.


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