Portable Toilet : Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp : Automotive

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Portable Toilet for nomadic life.

Color White
Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.39 x 15.75 x 17.83 inches
Material Polypropylene
Brand Porta Potti
Item Weight 13.45 Pounds

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About this item

VERSATILITY: Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet, suited for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, camping, and even off-the-grid lifestyle

DESIGN: Sleek, modern, and homelike look, Porta Potti Curve comes with a comfortable seat height, increased bowl size, and battery-powered flush

FUNCTIONALITY: Easy to use and clean, Curve has an ergonomic carrying handle, an integrated toilet paper holder, and a tank level indicator

SANITARY: Odorless and leak-proof, the portable toilet has a sealed valve to prevent odors from escaping and a rotating pour-out spout for emptying the wastewater tank without backsplashes

OPTIONAL: The hold-down kit helps secure the portable toilet to the floor, holding it in place while you’re on the road.


10 reviews for Portable Toilet : Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp : Automotive

  1. MillennialW/AHeart

    I love this I love the fact that it’s very sturdy love the fact that it’s super cute looks like a regular toilet but even better and it can be closed to become a seat. Love the fact that it has the battery operated flush which after reading the reviews of course I was a little concerned on that pooping out on me haha. Get it pooping out anyway on the box it says something about a 3-year warranty I’ve been trying to contact somebody on information on does this mean if my battery stops working in this I will be able to get it fixed for free or at least a lot less expensive than buying a whole new Porta-Potty? I’m a single mother and I use this in our room because I have two toddlers one is potty trained ones about the pee she’s getting too tall for the little toddler potty and our room is in the back of my grandparents house so it’s just convenient the first time I dumped it out I thought wrong man maybe I should take this somewhere else the dumper down but let me just be honest and gross with you for a second I guess because it’s in the bottom of the tank it’s not as solid as you would think so that was good it went down the toilet no problem plus it’s just me a female and two little kids and we do not flush toilet paper down there so my only concern is my only worry is I hope the battery doesn’t poop out on me and if it does I’m hoping that this 3-year warranty thing means they will be able to fix it for me without me having to buy a whole new porta potty cuz I saved up for this and I cannot afford to do that anyway I like it a whole lot better than the last one I had this one meets our needs perfectly

  2. Joshua

    This is my first Porta Potti experience and I am happy I got it! My wife is half way through her pregnancy and it saved her many dark night trips to the public bathroom while camping. This was her second experience with a porta potti and said that this one is the “Gold Standard” of porta pottis.Notes:* Based on other peoples reviews, its possible the frustrated ones didn’t read the manual fully. The manual is your friend!* It comes with a small supply of Deodorant/Waste Digestion (enough for 4 complete 5-gallon uses/refills)* The waste cap also doubles as a measuring cup to use for measuring the waste dissolver liquid.* The “Automatic Flush” feature only rinses out the tank, it doesn’t open the valve to drop the waste into the holding tank.* To go pee, Close seat, Open waste valve, press rinse button. If doing number 2, press the rinse button once or twice to fill the bowl with a little water, this will help reduce the solids from leaving streaks in the bowl.* Recommend dumping waste in a public outhouse vs at home. This will help reduce possible splash-back in the toilet at home.Pros:* Comes with everything in the box (Except water and toilet paper). It includes batteries, measuring cup, waste digestion/deodorant liquid, toilet paper holder.* Standard toilet height making it feel like one is at home* Cleanup is really straight forward* Comes with a built-in toilet paper holder (works with Charmin “double rolls”, but not “mega” rolls* Battery operated water rinse feature – very quiet and effective.* Works great for 5′ or 6″3″ peopleCons:* Unlike a regular toilet, the sitting stance for a tall person is a little awkward since one cannot tuck their feet under the toilet. That being said, the height helps reduce that awkwardness considerably from smaller porta potties.* The “automatic flush” feature should have been called “automatic rinse” since you still have to manually open the waste valve.Conclusion:*Great toilet if you are willing to spend some good money for the “gold standard” of porta potties. Your pregnant wife will love you especially while camping, or even if you have a house and the regular toilet is awkwardly located on the other side of the house.This was purchased with my own money, no discounts other that Amazons decent prices and prime shipping.

  3. M Jones

    In a recent long 3-week trip, this porta potti as the most valuable player in my DIY conversion van. I have never owned or used a chemical porta potti before so this was a brand new experience. This particular one with its battery operated flush worked very well and was easy to clean. A few tips/notes:- The separately purchased base mount is an absolute necessity if you expect this to be secured to a floor. There is no other way to secure it. Besides, the mounting base makes it real easy to install and remove the toilet for dumping and cleaning.- This toilet is nearly the same height as a standard US comfort height toilet. This was almost a problem in the van with its low ceiling.- The TP holder does not handle american sized TP rolls. BTW – you need need special TP (as in all chem systems require). Only a minor issue as I hadn’t planned for its use anyways.- Read the instructions before you need to set it up. The instructions are in 20 different languages and English is not he first, second, third or even 10th language. Plan time to read through the short instructions. 10 minutes before using is not the time to play a game of matching words and pictures together.- Instructions on the chemicals are confusing as most are expressed in terms of large RV built-in toilets with 40 gallons while this is only a few gallons. Don’t let this throw you off. I just followed the chemical instructions as if using a large built-in RV toilet. There should be two chemicals – one for the waste tank which breaks down solids into liquids (i.e, term chemical toilet) and one for the fill water to help keep the bowl clean. I never found chemicals for the fill water.- The manufacture recommends specific products to use for clean which I cannot find. Apparently it is very important not to use normal bathroom cleaners as these cleaners will damage the toilet seals while killing the waste breakdown bacteria. Therefore, I am using very mild detergents for now.- Re-read the instructions before filling and using. The manufacture has specific stated limits on the amount of waste water and fill water that can be in the toilet if it is in moving (as in my van while traveling). I hadn’t read this part and exceeded the general limits. I didn’t have any problems (aka leaks) even when driving on rough country roads. But there must be a good reason for the warning.Overall – I was hesitant to add a toilet in my van. I did and I am very happy with it. Now there is a whole new world of minor highways, back country roads and campsites available to me.

  4. Roxiro

    I did a lot of research before I bought this and decided this was the best one for me. I do home daycare and I only have one bathroom that’s on the second floor. This is for my daycare kids so I don’t have to run them upstairs. Works very well! There’s absolutely no smell even after several days and uses. The newer model has a 3 year warranty so there’s no worry about the pump motor going out and having to replace it out of your own pocket. I did have a small problem with the holding tank (there was no level indicator) but they immediately remedied the problem. Very satisfied!

  5. Seymour

    It’s the height of a normal toilet. The bowl is deep and proportioned like a normal sized toilet. It has a very sturdy feel, and the smooth white plastic makes it feel sanitary. The overall design should win some kind of award, because not only does it look great, it enhances its functionality so that it’s very simple to use and easy to maintain. It has a dignity to it not usually built into porta-pottys. I wouldn’t even call this a porta-potty because in my opinion this is a real toilet. The electric flush is extremely well designed and works perfectly. Even the sound of the flush motor is kind of cool. It does a great job of cleaning the bowl, but I also like to use a soft-bristled toilet brush with it. The seat is minimal but good enough, and the lid is sturdy enough for me to sit on top of like a seat. The guages for the water and sewage tanks don’t work accurately, but it’s easy enough to tell when it’s getting low on water and filling up on sewage. The deodorizing fluid that comes with the toilet works very well. When the slide is open the smell is faint, and when it’s closed there’s no smell whatsoever. The design of the swivel tube makes emptying it at a dumpsite an easy and clean operation. Last but not least, the toilet paper hatch on the side is a very nice space-saving touch, and again, it is very well designed for its level of simplicity. It just works, and it doesn’t feel flimsy or brittle. This toilet is awesome. It works right, and it looks really cool. Five stars.Update: July 2018 – Original batteries are still going strong with regular daily use, and no other issues whatsoever. Easy to keep clean. Wow, this thing is amazing!

  6. Dabbler

    I tried another brand that held up for just under a year before it started leaking somewhere from the bottom tank. I started looking around for another make and model and found this Thetford Curve Porta Potti. I watched several youtube video reviews that made it look like the one I needed. The part I liked best was the unfolding waste tube that makes it a lot easier to empty. Even more impressive was the discovery after I received it was the vent button. Using the vent button while dumping creates far less of the glub glub splashing effect of the previous model. If you purchase any porta potti the Walex Porta Pak goes a long,long way into making the emptying of the waste tank and the sickening horrendous smell far,far more tolerable. On the down side IF the battery powered upper tank water flush pump should ever fail it should have a manual backup which this model does not.That is worrisome to me being this new unit will be used on a daily basis. Even so the difference so far with everything working properly it has been a night and day experience from my last purchase.

  7. Computer Guy

    The Porta Potti 92306 is a well built and functional porta-potty. The extra height makes for a comfortable sit and the seat is big enough for large people. The Thetford is easy to setup and use. We limit its use to “number one” so I can’t speak to how easy it is to clean when solids are involved. The included funnel makes it easy to add water for flushing. The battery powered pump works well and is fairly quiet. We mix holding tank solution in a bottle with about a quart of water to make sure it is fully dissolved before adding it to the porta-potty. There were no orders from the holding tank. After 4 days of use it was light enough to just place back in the box and bring it home to empty.Three things to be aware of: 1. It is difficult to get all of the water out of the upper freshwater reservoir. We leave the cap off for several days to ensure that all the water has evaporated. 2. THe water level gauge for the fresh water gauge doesn’t start register until it is way over half way and you probably won’t need nearly that much water. Just add a quart or two as it is easy to add more if needed. 3. The toilet paper holder works as long as you don’t use a full roll. It also sits very close to the ground so you probably want to place the toilet on a tarp or piece of plastic.

  8. Arsee

    I bought it to go in our new enclosed trailer/toy hauler/DIY bug-out camper. I wasn’t sold after watching a few demonstration videos on the web. It looked a bit flimsy and initially I wasn’t inspired to click the BUY button. In the end though, and after much research, I decided it was the one for wifey because it had an electric, push-button flush that is so simple and easy to operate. As a matter of fact, it works just like the one in a friend’s $25,000.00 camper we are both very familiar with, so there will be no learning curve at all. It gets the job done just as well too.And, thankfully, it is much, much sturdier than I expected. As a matter of fact, because I was sort of looking to receive something less, I just wasn’t prepared for how sturdy and well built it truly is. I find myself smiling from ear to ear every time I look at it. In a perfect world all purchases would be this gratifying.The plastic is of a very high quality – it almost has a ceramic look. Everything fits together with a solid, reliable snap. All lids, doors, latches, indicators and other mechanisms operate flawlessly. The seals close off completely and are buttery smooth. Unlike most other portable camp toilets, this one is plenty tall enough to be very comfortable and easy to use, even for older folks. When filled with water it is heavy and stable, though I did buy the optional mounting bracket to prevent tip-overs when trailering. It looks really good too. It isn’t nearly as “utilitarian” or “industrial” looking as other options in the price range.As far as I can tell, the only major difference in this one and a $1,000.00 permanent cassette toilet (estimated price after the required, professional installation) is the fact that I must fill it and remove the cassette from within the camper instead of outside through a hatch. I think I can live with that. Besides, I installed this one myself in a few minutes and it even takes up less than half of the precious space. I can take it anywhere too, like on the boat, in hunting blinds or, along with an inexpensive “bathroom tent”, to family picnics and stuff. A person could also use it to potty-train a kid or place it by the bed of persons going through medical episodes that make it difficult to get to the bathroom. It is very versatile. Easily a 5-star product.And BTW… I have made up my mind that should the ‘crazy expensive’ pump stop working, which apparently does happen often enough, I will just purchase a complete new toilet for about the same price and thus will have two lower units. This would give me twice the black capacity and I would only have to dump half as often. On most excursions I would then be able to make it back home without having had to dump at all. There I happen to have an easily accessible sewer clean-out in my yard that is much preferable for this purpose than an inside toilet. Food for thought.

  9. C. Moore

    I just purchased this two weeks ago. I am glad that I purchased this product. Let me start by saying my home is my trailer and this toilet is used daily. My previous portable toilet was a Fiamma and it was great, but after 5 years it could not contain the smell and would leak. I read the reviews of the product and was hesitant to put out more than a hundred dollars on a portable toilet that may or may not have an electric flush problem. Luckily I did receive one that does flush, but as some reviewers mentioned it may go out. I have only had it two weeks…so far so good. I will update after a couple of months and again in one year.Now for my review of the portable toilet itself. I have to say that the Fiamma I had was good, but this Thetford Curve is better. First, it stands taller than my Fiamma and the Thetford feels like a real toilet. It looks much better with the smooth lines and curve, which is nice for when company comes over and they don’t have to encounter a square clunker looking toilet and the uptight people will feel more comfortable sitting on the Thetford Curve. The automatic flush is great. It does the job and does not spray up on the toilet seat like t Fiamma’s manual flush would do. I am a overweight person and I am comfortable on this toilet. This toilet feels sturdy. I wouldn’t sit on the lid (even if I was skinny) because it really isn’t made to be sat on.I have just emptied this for the first time. I don’t have the greatest back and because of the way you need to hold it with the weight of the waste it is a little awkward and put a little more strain on my back than the Fiamma toilet did. But that could just take getting use to (maybe). But and this is a big but (no pun intended)…I would take the awkwardness of emptying the Thetford Curve over the Fiamma for one reason and to me a big reason. When emptying the Fiamma, it would splash all over (even outside the bowl no matter how fast or slow I emptied) and would come out like “glop glop” which creates more splash. Very unpleasant. But the Thetford Curve was so much better. The little air vent button worked like a charm. There was no splashing. There was no “glop glop” at all. It was poured out like a pitcher of water. Not one splash outside the bowl. It made an unpleasant task bearable. Even if my electric flush didn’t work (which it does), the way this empties out made it worth it.One piece of advice for those who do purchase the Thetford toilet. The little air vent button that I like does have a tiny flaw, but can be avoided. Make sure that you do not fill the waste in your toilet up to full. When you go to empty it and it is completely full, when you push the air vent button the waste liquid may leak out where the button is located. Luckily, I did not have the waste close to being full when I emptied it, but found out this minor flaw after I decided to completely fill it with water on my third rinse of the toilet. So please be aware that this can happen. Still, I would get this Thetford Curve even with that tiny flawONE YEAR UPDATE: IT HAS BEEN A YEAR AND IT STILL WORKS GREAT. THE FLUSH STILL WORKS GREAT. NO ISSUES AT ALL. ONE OF THE COMMENTS I MADE ORIGINALLY WAS THAT IT WAS AWKWARD TO EMPTY (ESPECIALLY WITH A BAD BACK). I HAVE NO PROBLEM EMPTYING IT AND IT IS NOT AWKWARD ANYMORE…IT JUST TOOK GETTING USED TO EMPTYING THIS STYLE OVER THE FIAMMA. MATTER OF FACT, I HAVE FOUND THAT EMPTYING THE THETFORD CURVE IS MUCH FASTER THAN MY PREVIOUS FIAMMA AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN THAT IT DOES NOT CREATE A GLOB GLOB SPLASHING EFFECT. IT IS SMOOTH TO EMPTY, QUICK TO EMPTY AND MAKES A CRAPPY JOB (PUN INTENDED) BEARABLE.

  10. TxFergy

    I have had this 3 months now and have used it for 4 camping trips. I installed it with the base plate so it was sturdy while riding down the rode. I use happy campers because it was highly recommended from some RV forums I’m on. It worked great AND since it has no color, I did not have to winder if it would stain the bowl over time. Just half scoop in the holding tank and a half scoop in the water tank: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005XEFADU Thus far I have dumped it once in a Large porta potti, once in a toilet at a park and twice in my sewer clean out access point at my house. All four times it was no hassle and mess free. I do recommend that if you are going to travel with it “full” at least empty out the water tank to lighten the load. I had no problems traveling 100-125 miles with it full. I especially love how i can completely remove this toilet and hose it off clean my bathroom all around where it was sitting (Darn Kids).

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