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Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket – Puffy, Packable, Lightweight and Warm | Ideal for Outdoors, Travel, Stadium, Festivals, Beach, Hammock | 650 Fill Power Water-Resistant Backpacking Quilt 

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About this item

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – Only 1.1 lbs! Includes stuff sack with heavy-duty clasp for easy carrying and storage. (dimensions 80″x54″, 77″x50″ fully puffed, stuff sack 5″x12″)
  • COZY AND WARM – A 20D ripstop nylon shell blocks out wind and cold while 650 Fill Power down insulation keeps you cozy and warm inside.
  • WEARABLE – Premium snaps convert your blanket into a poncho, freeing your hands for tailgating, chatting around the campfire, or cozying up with your favorite book.
  • SPILL AND WATER RESISTANT – A DWR (durable water repellent) coating protects your blanket from spills and weather. The nylon shell resists dirt, sand, and pet hair allowing you to lay it on dirt, grass, or sand without worry.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Makes a great gift for your outdoor adventurer, van lifer, road warrior, and other lovers of life.

10 reviews for Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket

  1. Rick

    Great blanket! Just got this and have been using it around the house. It seems to be made of good quality. It’s very light 1.1 pounds and it packs down small and it very soft. When in use allow the blanket to puff up to give you maximum warmth. Can’t wait to use it camping. I would totally recommend this blanket however, it is a bit pricey at $65 at the time of this review. One suggestion of improment would be that this would be an even better blanket with a pocket of some sort.

  2. Osalsa

    I have been so impressed with the quality, ultralight weight and warmth of this down blanket that I have been using it in place of my sleeping bag for camping. It is perfectly adequate just by itself for warmer nights, but with a few simple modifications, it keeps me warm and comfortable even when the air is 45 degrees F. I’m looking forward to testing it in even colder temperatures next fall. I have found that in cooler weather, the secret is to use this blanket as a camping quilt, so that you lay it OVER you, tucking the sides under your body. Camping quilts have become very popular with ultralight hikers, and their great versatility gives several advantages over sleeping bags. You can Google these if you’re not familiar. Of course, an adequate sleeping pad under you is essential, just as with any sleeping bag. (Note: the blanket is shipped tightly compressed, and it may require several days or longer for the down to fully expand. Be sure to keep it in a roomy storage bag when it’s not being used.)I found it beneficial to create a footbox with plastic snaps. This helps to prevent the light and slick blanket from sliding off while you are sleeping, and your feet stay quite warm. You can easily reconfigure to the open blanket if desired. The blanket has three snaps already installed that you can incorporate into the footbox, but a few more must be added. I found everything I need for $21 at the popular auction site: item # 201831863852. The kit includes K2 pliers, instructions, and size 22 KAM SNAPS (identical to the snaps on the blanket). Very easy to install, but be sure to carefully plan the placement of the snaps. Hopefully my photos will be helpful. BTW, adding several more snaps allows the joining of two blankets, which can still be used with or without footboxes. So many possibilities!To make the quilt even warmer, I have added a washable sleeping bag liner which can also be used by itself on warm nights. In cool weather, lie inside the liner and pull the quilt over you, with your feet in the liner inserted into the footbox. When it’s even colder, use the quilt INSIDE the liner. Then, when you zip up the liner, it will close off air gaps and help to keep the quilt positioned around you. It works very well. I got the Vumos liner on Amazon for $18 with coupon, and it has been perfect. A long zipper allows it to open up, and, like the blanket, it is plenty roomy for me at 6′ tall. And the Vumos has a wide hem at the edge under your chin, allowing for the simple installation of a draw cord to gather the liner and quilt snugly around your neck and shoulders when it’s cold.Voila! An incredibly light and versatile sleeping bag/quilt system for use from late spring to early fall, total weight less than 2lbs, very compactable, and for around $100. I have bought three of these blankets from Get Out Gear; two for gifts, and the service has been outstanding.

  3. Elaine H.

    I bought one of these a month ago and really like it. It is very light. It’s about the thickness of my spring/fall down jacket, good to about 45 degrees. I am 6 foot tall and most blankets leave my feet sticking out. This one is a great size for a single person. I was thinking about the snaps that turn it into a poncho, and thought that if the snaps line up, I could connect 2 of them together sideways to make a great light weight blanket for a queen size bed in our teardrop trailer. I ordered a second one and they can snap together! The picture attached is 2 blankets snapped together laying on a king size bed. There is a cross over in the middle because half of the snaps are from one side and the other half are reversed.Very versatile for us. We can use them singly when lounging and snapped together rotated as a large blanket for the two of us.

  4. ManuFit4Life

    Blanket is the perfect combo of size, comfort and ease of use (packing it away) for a ton of different activities! Very soft, warm and easy to clean (mostly use at beach and sand comes off quickly with one shake.)Carry this in the car all the time in case we need it and would highly recommend for anyone needing a comfortable and easy camping blanket!

  5. cat-man-do

    It’s light and warm, and my cat has decided it is his. Within a minute of taking it out of the stuff sack he was laying on it. When I tried to take it away from him he hissed at me. Then he got underneath it with just his snout poking out and growled anytime I came close. So I let him take a nap with it. When I went to bed I made sure to use a corner of the blanket to cover my killer cat.

  6. Reese Powell

    I love this blanket ! I bought this blanket to have a light weight cover that would fit in my blind bag for hunting. We sleep in the boat alot. I have used this blanket on the couch every since it has arrived. Love it

  7. Matt

    Coming from someone that is a budget hiker/camper like myself (but not too cheap),I feel this blanket is worth the $ in my opinion.Light weight, decent overall dimensions, packs down small for backpack, decent quality.Better than a wool blanket as far as weight goes. A little thin, but it’s supposed to be in order to pack down. It puffs up decent. It’s NOT designed to be a “1-and-only” type cover. It’s used for layering your sleeping or wrapping up with around the campfire. Just don’t get too close the fire or you might get holes in it, but that’s pretty obvious unless you’ve never been camping before.*Are there better down blankets out there? Sure, but more than likely will cost you alot more.*Are there lighter blankets out there? Yep, and those will also cost more.*Are there bigger blankets out there? Again, yes… but you could be sacrificing overall weight of your pack.Overall I’m extremely happy with the purchase and would recommend.

  8. UltimateHNTR

    I was looking for a lightweight quilt or blanket that I could add to my back-country sleep system. This blanket did the trick. Rather than having to bring my heavy -15 sleeping bag, this blanket allows me to bring my smaller, lighter summer sleeping bag in more conditions. I had it out for 2 nights last weekend. The first night was in the low 30’s, and when coupled with my summer bag it kept me very warm. The second night was mid 40’s and I was a little too warm. Again, this is coupled with my summer sleeping bag. Temps vary in the high country and it is nice to have the versatility and added warmth when I need it. Once the down fluffs and airs up it retains good heat and the blanket is soft and comfortable.It weighs about 1 lb, and in the stuff sack it measures 5x5x11 inches. But, when compressed at the bottom of my backpack it smashes down even more. I’m 6ft tall, and it was long enough to wrap outside the bottom of my sleeping bag and reach my chin. Would definitely recommend as an addition to your backpacking gear set.

  9. Brege

    Insanely lightweight and warm.I actually use this as my regular comforter. I am quadriplegic, and this allows me to turn myself at night, thus preventing bedsores.I can also use this but I travel to cold places. It packs up so small and light; I can carry it with me no problem.Pre-chair days, I would have brought this just about anywhere as well

  10. A. Lawrence

    Purchased for a four-day car camping trip in the mountains. Used with a top sheet in Cabela’s Double Deluxe Tent Cot.The first night was a torrential rain storm with full thunder, lightening and flash flooding. My tent kept me safe and dry and this blanket was perfect. It cooled to the 50s on that night in August and except for how loud it was at some points, I didn’t notice it because I slept so well with this.I got the olive green one and it was the perfect color (my absolute favorite). It’s also soft, warm, and fluffed up perfectly when I laid it out in the cot. Worked exactly as hoped and I didn’t wish for anything else since I also brought a top sheet and slept on an unzipped old-style sleeping bag. Plus have a travel memory foam pillow.Since it’s so silky, it was a challenge to fold, roll and stuff into the stuff sack, but I got it in and all was well. I’m thinking folding it is a waste of time and I’ll just shove it in the stuff sack next time. Highly recommend.

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