Camping Survival Gear and Equipment Kit 32 in 1

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Always Be Prepared for Any Emergency: The multi-purpose survival gear kits contain everything you need when there is an emergency situation occurs like a natural disaster or wilderness adventure. we give reliable aid to you.

Necessary Equipment You Must have: Contains 14 in 1 Hatchet, Tactical Pen, 18 in 1 Snowflake Tool, Water Bottle Clip, Emergency Blanket, Flint Stone Scraper, Flashlight, 2 pcs Glow Sticks, Multi-use Spoon Fork, Whistle, Climbing Hooks, Parachute Cord, Survival Bracelet, Fishing accessories, 2pcs AA Battery, and Storage Case.

Cool Gifts Ideas for Men Who Have Everything: Perfectly fits for people who love hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, etc. Great gift idea for the outdoor adventurers, hikers, camper, teen boys scouts, or families who are interested in adventure.

Build Outdoor Adventure Interest for Kids: Our Survival gear and equipment will help your children develop practical and outdoor survival skills. To Let them know what they can do in an emergency or with serious injuries.

Camping Accessories is Your Perfect Companion: To Help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you’re hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, travel, or adventures, our survival kits may be the best choice for you.

10 reviews for Camping Survival Gear and Equipment Kit 32 in 1

  1. IceQx13

    This would make a great gift for men, campers or any ourdoorsy type person! This is a small compact kit, that comes in a heard case, with an easy to carry handle. It is a bit heavy, but that’s cause it has so much inside and the tools are durable quality. You get a wide variety of tools, from paracord to silverware to pocket knifes to glow sticks.. and a ton more. This was surprisingly better quality than i expected, for the low price. It would cost way more buying each piece individually. This is perfect to take camping, and I actually leave it in my car in case of an emergency. This was a good find!

  2. Rain

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     Ordered this for my husband for Father’s Day and was very impressed with the quality of everything! Everything came in little packages (that I opened before the video so it was easier to show you) and has everything I could imagine (other than food and water) you’d need for camping or survival! It fits perfectly into a backpack too so it’s not very bulky either 🥰

  3. Emmanuelle D Allen

    This kit is great! It had everything In it that was listed. I tried out a couple of things to see if they work, and they do! The fire starter being the most important to try. I highly recommend putting the batteries backwards in the flash light. They don’t consume electricity this way, and use the extra room, which there is a lot of, to store other emergency things you may need. I totally intend to take this hiking, so I’ll put some snacks in here, just so I become dependent on it. Super cool

  4. Jose Fco Hola Bustamante


  5. Yessi

    The wind ruined my tent and the zipper didn’t work. My tent was not able to close . Luckily I was able to use the emergency blanket that came with the kit on the entrance to protect us from the wind and any unwanted visitors. Plus the othe gadgets adds to how helpful it was.

  6. Vaol

    I got it for my son’s birthday. He really loved this kit.

  7. Paul Hirsch

    Gift for my son (32) and he absolutely loves it.

  8. Chris W

    Absolutely love this kit. I will probably purchase another just to put in my my cat. I camp alot and this is a nice item to have in my tent. The hammer is awesome!! This is the only kit I have seen with a hammer. This is everything you need camping and it is compact. I could not believe how sturdy the items are. The flashlight is extra bright and I love that they put batteries in it also. You will not be sorry about this purchase all items are quality made. I had bought it as a gift but this one is definitely going to be a gift to myself. The case has a little extra room to store a power bank in it. There is no need for a toolbox this has everything you need for camping. I really like the snowflake tool and have taken it out to put in my motorcycle bag.

  9. Country Mama

    My husband loved this! He was very impressed with the quality of all of the items. Best gift I could of got him!

  10. Wil2021

    I got this as a gift for someone that lives to be outdoors most days of the year. I think it is ideal for someone who younger (15-25) who may not have all of these things on hand. We were amazed at how tight and neatly everything was packed in this relatively small kit and the multi tool that was the winner of the day had to be the utensils! That spoon/fork does a lot of duty!I also think this would be a great thing to keep in your vehicle in case of emergencies. As a person that was once trapped on the roadside for 25 hours in a blizzard you would be surprised what comes in handy.

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