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We are travel enthusiasts. The concept of van life encourages us to build our little mobile home and travel this beautiful planet together. Dear Nest is our first step towards this dream. While preparing for our first build, we thought of sharing our knowledge and resources which are very much needed to begin van life and living in for full-time. So, come and join us on our upcoming Nomad life journey.

Who We Are


Dear Nest

One of the most important needs for every being in this universe is to have a home to cherish life. A place where you can spend your life with your loved ones and make beautiful memories. Our home is our NEST which keeps us safe and provides warmness for growth. Many of us like to travel the world but sometimes it is hard to find a safe and homely place to stay. Therefore, many choose to carry their little home along the way to travel the planet. We all like to build our own houses, love to cook and feed our children, every morning we go out to find some work and food, and in the evening we love to get back into our little home. This is a tiny world that we manage around the so-called Nest, our Dear Nest.


You provide us a place to sleep, eat, enjoy, and share our souls with others. You always keep us warm and healthy. How about taking our relationship to the next level?! Let’s explore this beautiful planet together.

Dear Nest is a website to help travelers and camping lovers, who are dreaming to step into van life and building it. We have come across a lot of blogs related to van life with amazing content about how to build a camper. However, finding a proper guide to build or convert your van, is a tough job. Our goal is to provide all the related resources that are most popularly recommended for van dwellers. We want you to be able to confidently build a van and customize it as per your lifestyle.

We believe there is no perfect way to live a camper life because it is a different experience for every Vanlifers. All the resources mentioned on the website are very much helpful to make it easy and unrestricted fun travel. We have created separate categories for every important part of the camper such as electricity, water-related, insulation, and much more.

Van Life is an ultimate freedom.

These on-road tiny homes can give you the freedom to roam, sleep & eat at your content. Owning a mobile nest opens up the endless opportunity to travel, it allows you to live an unrestricted crazy lifestyle.

Imagine a life where you spend few nights near a bank of a beautiful river starring at the stars, while the others in a completely different setting. You can spend as much time as you want at a place and then again have the freedom to move and locate somewhere totally new

Van Life Dreamers

Who We Are?


I am a travel enthusiast, blogger, entrepreneur, Brand Designer, and much more. Van life fascinates me to know that people love to explore the world with their tiny mobile homes. I want to build one soon. In my journey to build a motorhome for me & my wife, I want to share all the related knowledge and the best resources to grab for smooth van life. Happy to have you onboard.!


Gaining knowledge from any source available is what I do. I have professional experience in multiple areas, to list a few: as an employee and an expert in providing vocal services. A trainer to students for language proficiency. Apart from book keeping, tutoring, I have also been a restaurant consultant. Out of hobby I also am a content writer and much more. I absolutely love to travel which makes me experience other places, people, food and culture. The idea of van life really encourages me to build one and start living in it. My husband and I will bring great information to help you to choose and live nomadic lifestyle. We really want you to build an amazing home on wheels and travel this beautiful planet.


Our Mission & Vision

Practical Articles on Van Life

Being a duo on a self-journey towards a van life, we have been able to look up, analyze, and finally create a well-thought-out plan to put the foundation of this life. It gives us immense pleasure to be able to create blogs based on the plans we have assisting, more or less guiding you for the same.

Provide you One Stop Solution for Your Van Life Journey

The very nature of this life is challenging. Of- course majority of us do not know a thing about starting this journey. We too were at that stage. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about sharing. So here we are! Attempting to make this journey a little less of a hassle for you too! From a basic choice of RV to the equipment that suits your needs, we can help you decide.

Personally Recommended Products and Services

We are extremely passionate about the journey and hence, have added several products to the list of items that will complete our mobile home. This phase also gave us an outlook of a few other diverse kinds of RVs along with things that would go with them. Everything that we love and are reliable is listed with honest opinions of the vanlifers along with our take on them.

Most Trusted Brands for Your Next Purchase

We have listed products and services that are hand-picked from genuine and trustworthy brands. We understand how important it is to have quality items on board whether it is about the flooring, the kitchen, or even just the decore. The recommendations also include camping gears and the day-to-day essentials.

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